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Winter coats and car seats – the winter facts every parent needs to know.

Winter Jacket sequence  The danger you may be putting your child in when travelling in the car this winter. The temperature is beginning to drop outside, and children are being bundled up in thick winter coats and snowsuits to keep them snug and warm in the cold weather.  But did you know that you are supposed to remove your child’s coat before you strap them into their car seat, and not doing so may put them in danger? This video demonstrates why winter coats and car seats don't mix:     Leaving your child’s coat on in the car is a problem because it creates a gap between your child and their safety harness. In a collision, the harness isn’t as close to your child’s body as it needs to be to allow it to properly restrain them. To keep your children safe in the car this winter, remove their coats and jackets ......
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What should you do if you breakdown this winter?

Tip1Breaking down is inconvenient, potentially dangerous and expensive. It’s the last thing you need to happen on a cold winter trip, but breakdowns do still happen. They’re also more likely to occur in winter – so what should you do if you do break down?  Below are our top tips for dealing with a break down! Have a break down kit in the car! This should contain: When you begin having difficulties: pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. On motorways, try and drive your car off the motorway, but if this is not possible, pull as far over to the left on the hard shoulder as possible and turn your wheels to the left. On other roads, try and get your car off the road, if you can’t, pull as far over to the left as possible. Let other road users know you are having difficulties: put you......
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