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The hidden projectile in your car - Booster seats

The hidden projectile in your car - Booster seats
  When children are younger, they use a child car seat that contains a harness to restrain them. This seat is fitted into the car, where it normally stays strapped in, so even when your little one is not in the car, their seat remains restrained.        The next stage seat - boosters When it comes to your child moving up to a booster seat, both the seat and the child are restrained with the adult seat belt.     This means that unless you buy an ISOFIX booster seat, you need to remember to strap the booster in when not in use.   Why? An unrestrained booster will multiply its weight by the force of a collision, so if you have a crash when your child is not in the car, but their booster is sat on the back seat - you have a very heavy projectile waiting to......
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Top 10 Child Car Seat Safety Tips

Child Car Seat Safety Tip 1a1. Maximum safety! Many parents are keen to move their child up to the next stage car seat as soon as they are ‘big’ enough, not realising that it is a big step down in child car seat safety! The children in the pictures all fit in the next stage car seat, but they are much safer staying in the lower stage car seat.  The first child is safer being rear facing as opposed to forward facing and the second, older child is safer in a harnessed car seat then a booster with the adult seat belt.                                Keep your child in the lower stage car seat until fully outgrown by weight or height.  The chart shows when each group is outgrown:     2. Escape artists!   It is extremely frustrating when your child learns that the......
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