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Flying with young children

Flying with young children 1  There are lots of blogs and advice guides out there giving fantastic hints and tips for parents travelling or flying with young children. Many of them mention to take a child car seat, but it isn’t always as easy and straightforward as that. What do you need to know to help you decide if you are going to take a car seat with you for the plane? That is what we are going to explore in this 'Flying with young children' blog. For a long time while in planes young children have travelled on their parents lap and babies in bassinets.  Yet more and more parents are concerned and want their child in a proper restraint. Using a car seat on the plane gives you a safe place to secure your baby should you hit turbulence.       Read the full story here! Car seats also give little ones a p......
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Flying with young children (Part 3)

Top 8 tip when bringing a child car seat onto a plane  TUV approved child restraints As of the 21st May 2014, below are the TUV airline approved child car seats.  This list may be updated and if you are in any doubt, phone the manufacturer of your child car seat. Maxi Cosi Pebble   Maxi Cosi Citi   Britax Baby Safe   Britax Baby Safe Plus   Britax Baby Safe Plus SHR   Guardian Pro   Guardian Pro 2   Concord Ion   Kiddy:   Comfort Pro   Discovery Pro   Cruiserfix Pro   Energy Pro   Phoenix Pro   Phoenix fix Pro   Phoenix fix Pro 2   Guardian fix Pro   Guardian fix Pro 2   Britax Eclipse. Remember:  the final decision to allow a child restraint to be used lies with the airline. If you have any questions about flying with young children that our blog didn't address, please ask us and we will do the best ......
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