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i-Size is a part of the new ECE Regulation 129, which has been developed to to make child car seats safer, as well as easier to buy, fit and use.

The current child car seat regulation (ECE R44/04) has been in place since the early 80s, but since this time the cars we drive have changed radically. We also have a better understanding of what actually happens during a collision.

Better protection for your child - Side impact collisions account for around 25% of road collisions in Europe. However, the current regulation does not test child restraints for side impact. The new legislation specifies that all ECE Regulation 129 child restraints must be tested to ensure that a child’s head is protected in the event of a side impact.

i-Size does not replace the existing legislation (ECE R44/04), but runs alongside it. Car seats that conform to i-Size simply offer more protection.


Why choose i-Size?iSizelogo

  • Improved protection for side & front impact and much better protection of head and neck
  • Rearward facing travel is mandatory for children up to 15 months old in i-Size car seats
  • i-Size also requires ISOFIX, which has less chance of being incorrectly fitted than belted car seats
  • i-Size car seats will fit all i-Size cars and almost all cars with ISOFix Height-based rather than weight-based


Key points to remember

  • New child restraint systems designed for children up to 15 months must be rear-facing and accomodate a child with a length/height of at least 83cm.
  • All ECE Regulation 129 child car seats will now be limited to a total combined weight of 33kg, to include the car seat and occupant.
  • Each child restraint manufacturer will specify the length/height range and maximum child weight for their product.
  • New vehicles will have ‘i-Size-ready’ seating positions. This means that any i-Size child car seat will fit into any i-Size position in a car, regardless of make or model.
  • A vehicle fitting list (showing which vehicles a child car seat will fit) will no longer be required for new cars. For seats being used in pre-July 2013 vehicles, however, one will still be required.
  • ECE Regulation 129 will eventually replace the current regulation (ECE Regulation 44/04), which will be phased out slowly.
  • Child restaints approved under the old regulation can still be used legally.

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