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1 Group 0A group 0+ car seat is a portable car seat that allows you to take baby in and out of the car, without having to take them out of their seat.  For added convenience, the car seat often is able to attach to the pram chassis for quick trips!

What’s it like?

A rear facing seat that:

  • Uses the 3 point adult belt for installation
  • Many seats have the option of an ISOfix or seat belt fitted base
  • Lasts little one up to 29lb

Who’s it for?

  • Weight: 0-13kg/29lb
  • Height: Outgrown when top of little one’s head is level with the top of the seat
  • Approx. Age: newborn – 12/15 months

Top Tip!

Newborn inserts are typically removed at around 5-6 months

Watch out!

Remember that little one’s can only be in their infant seat for a maximum of 90 minutes!  It is very easy to exceed this without realising, so always use your lie flat pram for trips, unless you’re just nipping into a shop or doing the school run!  


NEVER put a rear facing child seat on a seat with an active frontal airbag.  For front facing child seats, consult your vehicle handbook for manufacturer advice on airbag activation and seat positioning. Good Egg Safety recommends that children travel in the rear of the vehicle.


Some child seats are fitted with a supporting leg. Do not use this type of seat if there is a storage compartment or any other obstructions in the foot well, unless it's approved for such use.

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