What’s the problem?

Between 2006 and 2012, it is estimated that at least 18 children in the UK died after being struck by or falling from vehicles on driveways or land around their homes. Their ages ranged from 12 months to seven years. 75% of these children were aged two years or younger.

Tragically, these accidents usually involved a vehicle reversing over a child on a driveway, or a child being injured by something inside the vehicle, such as an electric window or convertible roof.


10 things you can do now to keep your children safe in and around cars

1. Never leave children unattended in a car – even for a few moments; accidents are commonly caused by children releasing the handbrake

2. Make absolutely sure there are no children in the driveway or road before moving your car

3. Always keep your car locked when parking outside your house

4. Always keep your car keys in a safe place – consider fitting a key-box with a combination lock

5. Never leave your keys in the car

6. If possible, always reverse onto your driveway so that you drive forwards when next pulling off

7. Turn your steering wheel when you are parked so that the steering is locked

8. Never allow children to play in the car – even when you’re in attendance such as when you’re washing it

9. Do not allow children to play around parked vehicles or where there is chance that a vehicle (such as a delivery van, taxi, etc) may emerge

10. Check if your car has a feature to prevent accidental starting and look for this when you next replace your car


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